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Sonntag, Juli 23, 2006

MTPdude rewrite - now based on libgphoto

I decided to write MTPdude new. Completly new. I think libgphoto2 is a better base than libmtp , becaue nearly every system has it installed, and also it is a good chance to get a better code structure to MTPdude. The new MTPdude is called gphoto-mtpdude and the binary mtpdude-gphoto.


Freitag, Juni 23, 2006

Last day before summer holidays

Hello everybody out there,

i only want to say you that tomorrow is the last day before my summer holidays and i'm very happy that i don't have to go to school for a while ;-). Yes and i promise you to use my sparetime with developing of mtpdude because in the last time i had not much spare time so the developing was slow but now i hope it will be faster again. After the reconstruction and cleanup of my code nearly everything is working again and i hope to get a new version of mtpdude out in the holidays and perhaps also with video support and file support. Good evening or morning or night.

Hendrik Borghorst

Montag, Juni 19, 2006

mtpdude nearly fixed

Hello, everyone today i fixed mtpdude nearly, and the new code structure is going to rock because it is much more clean and more easy to continue developing. so i will finish it in the near future, i think i implement file support and video support for mtpdude but i need you help because i only got a Zen T ouch and it has no video support.


Samstag, Juni 17, 2006

Hello everyone, today i created a blog, to show you what i am currently developing especially on mtpdude (The mtp transfer application for Linux). I hope someone will read this.